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Knowing When to Pivot. Why I’m changing directions in my business.

This is not an easy post to write because it feels a bit like giving up. I’m not. But I am changing directions and wanted you amazing women to hear it first. I was so pumped when I created and built this site because it launched my coaching and website design business and was geared […]

Why I’m Not Providing Services For Free Ever Again

I have long been a proponent of sharing everything with everyone. I’m a believer in the community over competition hashtag that I use a lot on Instagram. I don’t generally sell my stuff but pass it on to someone else when I’m not using it. It’s a well known fact in my circles that you […]

Behind the Scenes with Jenna v. 1- The Businesses I’ve Owned

Before we get started today with the very first in our behind the scenes series here’s a quick background on what I hope will actually be a series and why I’m adding this to our regular content. Man, I love a good series. Mini-series’ from the 80’s, The Outlander books, and most importantly, any blog […]

What Would You Do if You Didn’t Need Money?

When I start working with individual coaching clients, I like to start with the question “What would you do if you didn’t need the money?” Now this confuses some people since the reason they’ve come to me is they clearly do need money and they need some help getting a business idea off the ground. […]

Why You Need Bloglovin’ If You’re Serious About Blogging

If you’re new to blogging at all, you probably won’t remember the mass hysteria when Google ended it’s popular Google Reader app a few years ago (why???) and we had to find new ways to curate and devour the blogs we loved. Enter Bloglovin’. Bloglovin is essentially a content reader allowing people to sign up […]

How To Start a Blog or Website, Part 4- Genesis Framework, Themes, and Plugins

As I moved from blogging into developing websites, I got a lot of questions about the Genesis Framework, which themes to use and how plugins work. Today I’m answering all those questions right here. Yay for easy answers! If you’ve followed our series and have installed WordPress, I hope you’ve had some time to play with it […]

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